As a coach to cleaning business owners, one of the questions I always get revolves around how to get more cleaning (or better) clients and customers for a cleaning business. So I compiled this “20 Simple Ways to Get More Cleaning Clients” information. Customers start off as prospects and they can be cold (purchased), leads (warm) or referrals (hot).

Wherever they start off, your goal is to move them into the “customer” stage as quickly as possible and keep them there. So, I’m going to give you some suggested ways to get these first 2 prospect types (cold, and warm). Any combination will enable you to get more cleaning clients. Key is on understanding that marketing is an ongoing function of running a successful cleaning service business and is how to get clients for a cleaning business.

What you need to know is that a well-rounded and consistently implemented marketing plan will yield all three types. There is no “magic bullet” that will relieve you of the necessity of embracing marketing as a crucial step to get more cleaning clients. If you’re truly serious about growing your cleaning service business

Once you accept the fact that marketing your business is vital to your success, and that it’s a vehicle (beats walking) to be utilized to your advantage you’re on your way to having all the cleaning clients, money and free time you desire.

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So, let’s get started with the:

20 Simple Ways to Get More Cleaning Clients
Cold prospects are people that you are approaching with very little information or encouragement to see if they may be interested in your service.

Purchased as a “list” whether that be an email, fax number or postal address list. This can be a great way to get more cleaning clients but what you need to realize is that very few people buy from complete strangers (especially in our industry) unless the timing is perfect (i.e., the cleaning service failed to show up last night). So know up front that you’ll need to nurture these prospects for a bit longer to warm them up and turn them into cleaning business clients.

You can find some list brokers and mail houses at the bottom of this post. Advertising studies show that people need to get a message at least 3 times before you’ll get any response and sometimes up to 10 times before they make the buying decision, so be prepared to get very limited responses from your first 3-4 outreach attempts. Make sure to get expert help with design elements so you don’t make any of the 5 biggest mistakes that will severely limit the effectiveness of your campaign.

The “cold” category also includes paid advertising (print, display, mobile, internet etc.) and sponsorships, etc. with affinity groups like your child’s baseball team, program or banner ads for golf tournaments, award banquets, industry events, trade shows, monthly networking meetings, etc. It’s a good idea to combine one or more of these 20 Simple Ways to Get More Cleaning Clients with follow up like a mailer or phone call as a way to get more cleaning clients. Again, just keep in mind that your initial response may be 3% or less (industry standard for mailers) so you’ll need to plan to repeat and combine for best results. The good news about some of these methods is that they can be automated and are pretty inexpensive to use.

In the “warm prospect” category are contacts you gather or “impressions” you make via table tops, chair drops, booths, giveaways etc. while marketing at events like the ones listed in #2 above. There are very specific techniques you’ll want to use to get the best results from this type of marketing but it’s something you’ll want to include in your cleaning business marketing plan. If you’re able to follow up with these prospects (now warm) by means of a mailer or phone call later so much the better! And again, automation can be a very cost-effective method to get more cleaning clients.

We’ve gotten a good start on identifying cold prospects in these first,

and learning what it takes to begin moving them closer to the warm, hot and (our ultimate goal) “customer” stage. In order for this information to enable you to actually get more cleaning clients the real value is when you start implementing these techniques in your business.

The combination of information and implementation is what you get when you work with Build My Cleaning Business. And our clients have found that working with a business coach helps them stay on track, maintain momentum and be accountable for meeting the benchmarks that signal real progress towards their goals. If you’re looking to get more cleaning clients, increase your personal income, and have more free time, here’s another handy tool to help you!

List Brokers & Mail Houses is one of the 20 Simple Ways to Get More Cleaning Clients (Please Note: Providing the links below is not an endorsement. They are being provided simply as a means of highlighting some list brokers and mail houses.)
US Data Corporation

Info USA

List Brokers

Prospects Influential

All Media Inc.

Direct Mail Quotes Email List Directory

We already covered a few, but here’s the complete list:

1. Email list

2. Postal mail campaign

3. Paid advertising

a. Print

b. Display

c. Mobile

d. Internet

e. Affinity

f. Local community

g. Industry, trade and networking groups

4. Phone, postal or email follow up after paid advertising

5. Referrals

a. Personal

b. Business

6. Networking (T)

a. Personal

b. Business

7. Strategic Alliances

8. Joint Venture Partners

9. Website

10. Social Media

a. Facebook

b. LinkedIn- (esp. good for commercial cleaning prospects)

c. YouTube

11. Public Speaking

12. Writing (blogs, articles, lead magnets, etc.)

13. Philanthropy

14. Awards

15. Public Relations & Press

16. Social Proof

a. Testimonials

b. Reviews

c. Letters of recommendation