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6 Best Commercial Cleaning Accounts

6 Best Commercial Cleaning AccountsThe 6 best commercial cleaning accounts that you should go after. In my 23 years and counting of going after commercial cleaning accounts I have identified six that are my favorites. So here they are in no particular order.

First up in my list of 6 Best Commercial Cleaning Accounts is the precision professions.

People who tend to be involved in work that is very precise, like engineers, IT specialists, computer people, bankers, accountants, attorneys, those people tend to understand the importance of attention to detail and they typically are willing to pay for it.

So those make great commercial cleaning clientele.

Next up as my really all-time favorite, I love this one more than any other category is what is known as class A office space.

It is white collar office space, it’s in nice areas, it’s in good condition. The cost per square foot to rent it is typically higher than in some other areas.

I love that kind of space. It doesn’t get all that dirty. They typically understand that they need cleaning five days a week, and they make excellent clients. They tend to be things like you know accountants, insurance people, really any kind of profession that requires people sitting at desks offices and cubicles. It is class A office space.

That brings me to another favorite on my list of 6 Best Commercial Cleaning Accounts, which is banks.

Any sort of a financial institution whether it’s a bank, credit union, savings and loan. Now sometimes they will want you to manage a whole territory for them, and sometimes some of the branches are small. So that can make them a little bit less attractive, but typically if you can get all of their branches in a certain city or a certain area that works out really well.

They understand the importance of making a really good impression when people walk into their building, and it doesn’t really get all that dirty even though it is open to the public. It’s not the kind of high traffic operation that you may find like a retail store, something like that.

Next up in my list of 6 Best Commercial Cleaning Accounts is really big spaces that are 10,000 square feet and above.

Typically I like ten thousand to about a hundred thousand square feet. There have been a few occasions where it’s been a couple of hundred thousand square feet, but in cases like that what I like about it is if the person who is paying the bill is the person who is occupying the space.

As opposed to it being the bill being paid by the landlord. What’s nice about 10,000 square feet and up, is that at 10,000 square feet you’re probably going to need to spend at least two hours a night there. That makes it an attractive part time proposition for a part-time worker in the evening.

It’s also likely that at a 10,000 square feet space they’re going to have their own janitorial closet, and they may even have a mop sink in there. So now it becomes really attractive for you to leave your stuff there overnight.

You’re not paying people to haul vacuum cleaners and mop buckets in and out every day. So that is my absolute favorite, at least 10,000 square feet also combined with five nights or more per week.

Number five on my list of 6 Best Commercial Cleaning Accounts is actually, I sort of referenced to where the cleaning bill is paid by the people who are occupying the space.

So it could be that they own the building, it could be that they lease the building. What’s critical is that the people who are occupying the space, are the people who are paying the bill to get it cleaned, as opposed to it being paid by the landlord or property manager.

Because typically the landlord or the property manager won’t really care about the quality. They’re not going to be willing to pay extra for higher-quality. They want to pay just a minimum amount, as little as possible. Because to them it’s an expense, and not really perceived as an investment.

When it’s being paid for by the people who are occupying the space, they understand that it is an investment in providing a pleasant and appropriate environment for their workers and also for their clientele that may be visiting them or their customers. So they tend to be a little bit more open about paying more to get high quality.

Then last on this list of 6 Best Commercial Cleaning Accounts is industry leaders.

I have people ask me frequently if there are certain industries that I prefer, and there are some industries. But what I found that’s even more striking is that people who tend to be in the top five or ten percent of whatever industry they’re in.

Typically they’re the reason that they are the leader in that industry, is because they have grasped the importance of quality and value. They understand the difference between value and price. That value is what you get, as opposed to price being what you pay. So they’re not typically going to be as price-sensitive. So if you can get people who are industry leaders in whatever industry that is.

That is actually a better criteria to look for than to be focused on specific industries. People who are number one, number two, number three in their industry make excellent commercial cleaning accounts.

So that is it for my list of the best six again based on my 23 years and counting of going after every possible type of commercial cleaning account that there is. Those are the ones that you want, they will make the best customers for you.


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