You've been asked to submit a Commercial Cleaning Proposal,
However, Your Past Proposals have Fallen Flat.....
or You Don't Have a Clue Where to Start!

Have you been in the game a while and are now ready for
MASSIVE growth in the commercial side of your business?

Are you brand new to the commercial cleaning side?
Or maybe brand new to the whole cleaning industry?

Do prospects ask if you offer post - construction cleaning?*
(*Psst...! Have you heard about the HUGE profit margins there?)


The time period between Labor Day and the 2nd week in November (that's RIGHT NOW) is one of the two PRIME 'buying seasons' for commercial cleaning contracts (the other is in late winter/early spring)

That's why I've created something you can use immediately to close big, high-paying, commercial and post-construction cleaning clients TODAY

What's your Commercial Cleaning Challenge?

  • Pre-Quote/Site Visit Fear- You've gotten the email (or phone call) and you're not exactly sure what questions to ask, what to take on the site-visit, and what to say and see while there. You want to do EVERYTHING right to set yourself up for success.

    AND you need to (save time by) quickly eliminating tire-kickers, and "lowest bid" shoppers.
  • Proposal and Deal Sealing Jitters- You've already done the site-visit and data collection, and now its time to bring in the "big guns". You know better than to just quote a price over the phone, but you're unsure about what your written proposal should include.

    Contract, pricing and specifications, payment terms, and scope of work are things you know you must get right!
  • Post-Construction Jealousy - You get asked about cleaning after re-models or brand new construction all the time (lucky you)!

    But the devil is in the details and you're unsure what the details are! You'd like to jump on the gravy train, but aren't quite sure where to begin...

That's why I've prepared...

  • Commercial Pre-Proposal & Site Visit Guide - Protect your time & your confidence by giving fewer quotes, but closing a higher percentage of them into new clients. Know EXACTLY how to close each prospect in advance of visiting their facility and then position yourself as a highly-qualified consultant vs. 'just another sales person'.

    Learn what to do before, during and after your visit to pre-dispose prospects to accept your (higher priced) proposal BEFORE you've even submitted it, AND ensure it isn't swallowed into a 'black hole' leaving you stranded and confused.
  • The Ultimate Commercial Cleaning Proposal Template - Getting those new (ideal) commercial cleaning accounts is about sooooooo much more than just getting the price right (or even low). Do you know what to include (and what to skip) while making sure your prospect sees the solutions they seek in your proposal?

    Are you clear on how to tie their pain-points to your benefits in a way that makes you not only THE solution, but the SMARTEST solution to their current problem? Best of all, a properly prepared proposal allows you to establish and manage expectations along good quality controls- which lead to client satisfaction and retention AND increased profits for you!
  • Construction Cleaning Mastery Kit - Just as the cornerstone and foundation are key in erecting a building, it's imperative that you clarify in detail exactly what's included, excluded, how 'wait times, lock outs, and re-cleans' will be handled and a number of other critical factors that will keep your post-construction deal from turning into a costly, reputation killing nightmare.

    Yes, the money's GREAT! But, you've really got to cross all your "T"s and dot all your "I"s,  before you jump in with both feet. Get your payment terms, scope of work, definitions and specs, all in place- along with contact info for company principals, scheduling arrangements, equipment requirements, and staffing needs laid out in advance. 

Pick the one you need the most
(or mix & match for even more deal closing power)

Step One

The Pre-Proposal & Site Visit Guide

Commercial cleaning prospects contact you asking how they can work with you. NOW what? Your KIT includes:

  • An introductory (audio) guide and transcript that explains the step-by step process I've been using for almost 2 decades to earn millions of dollars in commercial cleaning revenues.

    I'll lay it all out for you in easy to understand language so you know exactly what to do, how to do it and when to do it. 
  • The script to use when commercial cleaning prospects contact you about a bid. This script will allow you to quickly weed out those who don't match the criteria you've determined that define whats an "ideal" account for your business.

    You'll also use this script to find out EXACTLY what it will take to close this deal and then you'll whether to move forward or not.
  • If you decided to schedule a site-visit you'll have a checklist that tells you what to take, what questions to ask, and what things to look for while on-site.
  • You'll also get a list of items to purchase to create your unique marketing gift bag. I'll show you where to shop, what to include and how to build it all on a budget.
  • There's one simple but "must do" thing during the site-visit and that's to get a commitment from your prospect to communicate with you once a decision has been made.

    I'll show you how to get that commitment and even find out why, if another company is awarded the job.
  • There's 'gold" in the site-visit that will tell you things like how important price will be in the decision-making process, how open they are to paying more and maybe even how much they're currently paying.

    I'll show you how I deliver a "test" price at the site visit (or later on the phone) that reveal important clues about how - or even whether to proceed
  • As soon as you finish the site visit (even before you get back to your office) there's a neat little tip you can use to pre-position your prospect to ALREADY place you at the front of the line.

    This step has them eagerly awaiting your bid and already convinced that you are 'head and shoulders' above all the other bidders. I'll give you everything you need to use this to your advantage.

Step Two

The Ultimate Commercial Cleaning Proposal Template/Kit

You've laid all the groundwork, now all you need to do is to deliver that "killer" proposal to seal the deal. Your template includes:

  • ​An introductory (audio) guide and transcript where I lay out the entire template for you as I share with you all the tools I use to close big deals and grow my business.

    The overview explains the step-by step process I've been using for almost 2 decades to earn millions of dollars in commercial cleaning revenues. These proposals are also an integral part of properly managing expectations and good quality controls for client satisfaction and retention
  • Commercial contract "Do's and Don'ts- get all the industry standards and best practices in one easy to use guide
  • Sales and marketing affirmations (both written and audio) to help you master the "inner game" of confidence and power. Respond to prospects from a position of power- close sales from a position of strength. You've GOT this!
  • How to calculate your pricing AND double check your numbers so you don't leave money on the table OR bid way too high and look like an amateur.
  • Cover letter sample where you position yourself as the "expert consultant" and get your prospect in the "buying" frame of mind.
  • A 'scope of work' sample you can use to outline what's included in a typical office cleaning scenario.
  • Specifications and Pricing sheet that outlines who's responsible for what: supplies, storage, labor, supervision, payment terms, late charges etc.

    Best of all- this is where you build in automatic annual price increases, bill (and get paid) in advance, and create the "never ending" service agreement.
  • For those clients who absolutely insist on having a contract (which I don't recommend the overview explains why) I've also included a sample contract.
  • Summary and Conclusions page template- reinforces your grasp of the prospects pain points, demonstrates your company's ability to solve the problems, AND why you are not just THE, but THE BEST solution for their cleaning needs.

    Wrap it up and tie it with a bow- so selecting your proposal is the natural conclusion to the bidding/buying process.
  • What's the best way to "present" a commercial proposal? And what method should you NEVER, ever use, and why?

    All that is revealed in this audio guide along with how to get a commitment from your prospect to let you know when a decision is made. Also get the details on why, if another company is selected.

Step Three

Construction Cleaning Mastery Kit

Get everything you need to start bidding, winning and performing in the super lucrative area of post-construction cleaning. Your kit includes:

  • ​​An introductory (audio) guide and transcript where I explain the mastery kit to you as I share with you all the tools I use to sell, win and perform this type of work.

    The kit is an integral part of properly managing the scope of work, limiting risk, and good communication for client satisfaction while maximizing profits.
  • A quick but critical guide on what to watch out for (and avoid) to make sure your jobs are profitable, run smoothly, and with as little supervision as possible.
  • Templated documents you can use to get ALL the details you need on timelines, managing expectations, and who's responsible for what
  • 2 complete proposals which include "scope of work", definitions (what's included and what's excluded), pricing and specifications sheets, add-ons, re-do of work, delays, lock outs, etc.
  • Detailed "survey and summary" of what the standards and best practices are RIGHT NOW in this high-paying industry. Find out how to locate potential prospects, what supplies you need, how much to charge, what to measure, what to include, and even how to sell your expertise!
About the Author

Pam Washington

Founded her award winning cleaning service company (A1 Janitorial) in Las Vegas, NV in 1993. Over the last 23 years she's built a well- known and highly respected company, served 1000s of clients & earned millions of dollars in commercial and residential cleaning revenues while pursuing her passion for learning, sharing and travel.

She founded Build My Cleaning Business in 2011 and has coached hundreds of cleaning business owners to faster success over the last 5 years.

"The road to success begins at the intersection of knowledge and implementation. Coaching is the fastest vehicle on that road."

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Tanisha Pridgen - President TCE Cleaning

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"Just picked up in the last three months 3 new commercial contracts $5,100 per month in revenue!"

"Thank you Pamela Washington!
So far you've helped me land a commercial accounts bringing in an additional $24,000 in yearly sales..."

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