ATTENTION: Cleaning Business Owners looking to win BIG commercial cleaning clients

What if you could reach your 2017 revenue goals
with just 2 or 3 BIG new commercial accounts?.....

Do you know when the two PRIME buying seasons occur                                                       in the world of commercial cleaning?​

Would you like help attracting ideal prospects, then "closing the sale"- WINNING commercial contracts for $1K-$20K (per month) and more? Watch the video now...

The COMMERCIAL CLEANING SALES PROS is an exclusive group (minimum $50,000 in commercial or $75,000 combined in yearly revenue) that will be working directly with me to...

  • GET EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO CLOSE 6 FIGURE COMMERCIAL DEALS - get the tools to attract your ideal prospects and clients, carefully pre-screen prospects, position yourself as the trusted expert, strategically conduct site visits, then prepare and submit winning proposals NOT based on the lowest price.
  • GAIN FINANCIAL SECURITY - Significantly increase revenues, market diversity, cash flow, and personal income - reduce client turnover
  • ENJOY YOUR BUSINESS & YOUR LIFE - Dramatically reduce your working hours, responsibility, risk, and stress levels
  • BUILD A BUSINESS THAT DOESN'T REQUIRE YOUR PRESENCE - Proactively manage customer expectations, prevent complaints, create an effective Quality Control process, improve & document systems and structure 
  • INCREASE THE VALUE OF YOUR BUSINESS - Know which bids to avoid and structure the  ones you win to have the highest profit margins & ease of service.

Who is this for?

  • Ambitious, established, cleaning business owners with a minimum yearly revenue of $50,000 in commercial or $75,000 combined and looking to begin building or to expand their commercial cleaning client base.
  • ​Cleaning business owners who need help attracting the RIGHT prospects and clients- saving effort, time, and money
  • Companies already receiving RFPs (Request For Proposals) that want to be SURE they properly analyze the opportunity and pricing,  so they maximize their profits, while saving time, and minimizing headaches.
  • Those who're ready to implement an entire 'system' around their company's commercial sales process as they create, prepare, or implement their eventual exit strategy
maximum marketing
MAXIMUM Marketing Kit

Effective Client Attraction

Perfectly targeted & highly qualified prospects contact you, asking how they can work with you! Great for residential AND commercial cleaners, - works for businesses old & new.  

Learn the top 15 marketing strategies and how to implement each one to turn on the flow of prospects into your inbox.

pre proposal site visit walk through
The Pre-Proposal & Site Visit Guide

Pre-screen, Gather Data, & Properly Position Your Company

Commercial cleaning prospects contact you asking how they can work with you. NOW what? Pre-screen, set up and conduct the site visit (what to take, say, ask and see), then make sure your prospect is predisposed to buy for you BEFORE you even prepare your quote.

commercial cleaning proposal template
The Ultimate Commercial Cleaning Proposal Template

Deliver Winning Proposals

You've laid all the groundwork, now all you need to do is to deliver that "killer" proposal to seal the deal. Scope of work, pricing & specifications, contract sample, cover letter, & MUCH more.

construction cleanup mastery
Construction Cleaning Mastery Kit

Master Post-Construction Cleaning

Get everything you need to start bidding, winning and performing in the super lucrative area of post-construction cleaning.

How can I help YOU?

Pam Washington founded her award winning cleaning service company (A1 Janitorial) in Las Vegas, NV in 1993. Over the last 23 years she's built a well- known and highly respected company, served 1000s of clients & earned millions of dollars in commercial and residential cleaning revenues - while pursuing her passion for learning, sharing, and travel.

She founded Build My Cleaning Business in 2011 and has coached hundreds of cleaning business owners to faster success over the last 5 years.

"The road to success begins at the intersection of knowledge and implementation. Coaching is the fastest vehicle on that road."

Become One Of Our Success Stories...

"Best investment I ever made! And it's been...3 months?"

"I'd personally like to thank Pamela Washington for all her help and wisdom in helping me expand by adding commercial clients..."

"Just picked up in the last three months 3 new commercial contracts $5,100 per month in revenue!"

"Thank you Pamela Washington!
So far you've helped me land a commercial accounts bringing in an additional $24,000 in yearly sales..."

Tanisha Pridgen - President TCE Cleaning

Mitchell Kwan - CB Owner

Karen Kautz Owner,  Klean Sweep

I have transformed my cleaning business from being a solo cleaner - to hiring employees, to tripling residential accounts, and submitting (and winning) my first humungous professional commercial proposal worth 70K- all within 8 months!

"Are you struggling in an area of your business? Not sure where to turn or who to trust? I highly recommend you visiting with Pamela Washington with Build My Cleaning Business, Fast Friendly Spotless, and A1 Janitorial. Last year I met Pam as a struggling small business owner like many, wondering how to grow personally and professionally in the cleaning industry.

Through Pam’s remarkable guidance, wealth of knowledge, Build My Cleaning Business Blueprints, Cleaning Business Success Academy, Live Podcast, and Personal Coaching… Pam has been there every single step of the way as my coach, mentor, friend, and personal cheerleader. She is readily available to her clients for every season they may be in their businesses.

While I may still be small, I have transformed my cleaning business from a solo cleaner to hiring employees, to tripling residential accounts, and submitting my first humungous professional commercial proposal worth 70K. Pam has taught me exactly how to implement steps of growth through systems and processes. Thank you so much, Pamela Washington."

Michael Frenda Founder, Thunderbird Maintenance Corporation

I wish all our competitors knew about Pam, the competition would be fierce, but we'd be playing on a much higher ground.

“Pamela's unique approach to our business should inspire every person who owns a cleaning company to see themselves as professionals who deserve success, who deserve to own and run a business that provides time and money freedom, and who, by "thinking big", can provide service to clients who recognize value and pay accordingly and at the same time know the joy of providing opportunities for employment in their community.

Pamela's gift is sharing her proven and successful ideas, strategies, and tactics, and to inspire and encourage cleaning business owners to extraordinary performance. In fact, it sounds odd, but I wish all our competitors knew about Pam, the competition would be fierce, but we'd be playing on a much higher ground."

Love all the coaching!!

"Very informative and appreciate the way the information is given. I thank you for all the hard work that goes into the preparation and delivery of the information presented."

Janice Kober, Luxury Home Care, PA 

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm pretty busy running my business. How much time will  working with you require?

What if my company doesn't meet the minimum revenue requirements for this program? Can you still help me build and grow my cleaning business?

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