Do you feel "too busy" to make the critical changes
needed to improve your business?     

How about  a  "QUICK FIX" - you can
use RIGHT NOW to solve your
#1 most pressing challenge?

Are you stressed out, running your cleaning service business?

Have you barely got time to run (let alone grow)
your company & your income?

I asked (and you told me) about the current challenges in your business........ You're having difficulty even finding time for the training you know would help!  So, even though this just isn't in the right time for you to enroll in my Ultimate Success Academy, I still want to be able to help you

That's why I've created something that can help you immediately based on the 4 MOST COMMON challenges cleaning businesses are having...

What's your "CB Challenge" type ?

  • Missing Marketing? - If you could just get in front of more of your ideal prospects your business could TAKE OFF!
  • Scarce Sales? - You get in front of plenty of prospects- but you can't quite seem to seal the deal and get them to sign on as new clients
  • Hapless Help? - Your lack of enough high-performing workers to do the cleaning-means your company can't grow as fast as you'd like. You're actually turning new customers away!
  • Overwhelmed Operations? - You've either lost great accounts, or are stressed out to the max (making sure that doesn't happen) because of poor customer service, lack of adequate quality control, or just not enough time to manage it all......

That's why I've prepared...

  • MAXIMUM Marketing Kit - Create a predictable and steady stream of qualified prospects
  • Succe$$ful SALES Kit - Protect your time & your confidence by giving fewer quotes, but closing a higher percentage of them into new clients
  • Cleaning DREAM TEAM Kit - So you always have enough great employees or contractors to meet the demands of your existing and future clients
  • AWESOME Operations Kit -  Means you consistently WOW your customers with service and quality that keeps them happy and loyal

Pick the one you need the most...


MAXIMUM Marketing Kit

Perfectly targeted and highly qualified prospects, contact you asking how they can work with you.........

Your KIT includes:

  • Training exercises to get you in the mindset for for maximum effectiveness
  • Create an avatar of the client who's a EXACT match for the type of service you love to  provide
  • Craft the message that resonates with your ideal client, compelling them to to contact you and inquire about working together
  • Learn the top 15 marketing strategies and how to implement each one to turn on the flow of prospects into your in-box
  • Stay motivated and inspired by watching videos that prime you for achievement & success. Listen to positive affirmations I've recorded especially for you during this stage of your business development
  • Learn to stay productive by focusing on your core competencies and delegating - outsourcing the rest. Track your progress, and manage for effectivness.


Successful Sales Kit

Quickly, yet graciously screen inbound contacts in a way that enables you to 'profit from every prospect' while protecting  your limited time

Your KIT includes:

  • ​Clarify exactly what you offer and to whom, in a way that is compelling and effective.
  • Customize a script for your business that gets to the heart of what it takes to close EACH deal in advance. Then,  you decide whether you want to pursue it or not.
  • Set yourself (or your team) up for selling success with the right mindset, affirmations and the proper "positioning"  of your service, in advance of the sales conversation
  • Get clearly outlined step-by-step- documentation of your entire sales process- whether you offer residential cleaning, commercial cleaning, or both.
  • Know exactly what to include in your verbal (residential) and written (commercial) proposals - and how to tie your unique solution directly to your prospects problem, in a way that makes your service the only logical choice
  • Set specific and attainable sales goals and commit to them in writing

Human Resources

Cleaning DREAM TEAM Kit

Build a TEAM of workers (employees or contractors) that share your company values, always do a great job, and stay with your company as long as you like

Your KIT includes:

  • ​Start with a quick overview of all the external preparations you'll need to cover if you plan to hire employees in your business
  • Foundation building resources that enable you to clearly articulate what you seek and what you offer - in a way that allows you to attract the top talent in any labor market
  • Get the step-by-step process that allows you to effectively recruit, screen, interview, test, and hire the RIGHT employees and contractors
  • Eliminate and allow candidates to "opt-out" during a rigorous process that reduces the mis-hires, quality, personal, and disciplinary issues and increases retention rates of cleaners (which also increases your profit margins)
  • Understand the financial dynamics of why you MUST get out of the field (and stop cleaning) while building the mindset and confidence to hire, train and delegate successfully
  • A complete road map helps you see the 3 phases of hiring - so you build your business not only to have the cleaners you'll need, but also the administrative, management and support staff necessary to build a truly successful business

Customer Satisfaction

AWESOME Operations Kit

Create 'raving fans' that are happy and loyal, pay your rates without complaint, and spontaneoulsy send you referrals. Could it get any better?

Your KIT includes:

  • Everything you need to ensure that what you promised during the sales presentation actually gets done - when, where, and how, it should
  • ​Customize and implement a simple electronic inspection system that quantitatively measures results for improvement, consistency, and fairness
  • Tips and techniques on BEST ways to stay in contact with your clients, keeping them happy, loyal,  and sending referrals - while saving time in the process
  • Strategies for making sure you catch (and correct) minor problems before they become giant  headaches for your clients and lost revenues for you
  • Handle the delicate transition where you get a "new point of contact" on your best commercial account in a way that ensures you build trust and stay in place
  • Effectively increase prices, handle the bad news when you accidentally bid too low, and learn to diplomatically fire your "bad" clients while retaining goodwill
About the Author

Pam Washington

Founded her award winning cleaning service company (A1 Janitorial) in Las Vegas, NV in 1993. Over the last 23 years she's built a well- known and highly respected company, served 1000s of clients & earned millions of dollars in commercial and residential cleaning revenues while pursuing her passion for learning, sharing and travel.

She founded Build My Cleaning Business in 2011 and has coached hundreds of cleaning business owners to faster success over the last 5 years.

"The road to success begins at the intersection of knowledge and implementation. Coaching is the fastest vehicle on that road."

What People are Saying...

Tanisha Pridgen - President TCE Cleaning

Mitchell Kwan - CB Owner

Karen Kautz Owner,  Klean Sweep

I have transformed my cleaning business from being a solo cleaner - to hiring employees, to tripling residential accounts, and submitting (and winning) my first humungous professional commercial proposal worth 70K- all within 8 months!

"Are you struggling in an area of your business? Not sure where to turn or who to trust? I highly recommend you visiting with Pamela Washington with Build My Cleaning Business, and A1 Janitorial. Last year I met Pam as a struggling small business owner like many, wondering how to grow personally and professionally in the cleaning industry.

Through Pam’s remarkable guidance, wealth of knowledge, Build My Cleaning Business Blueprints, Cleaning Business Success Academy, Live Podcast, and Personal Coaching… Pam has been there every single step of the way as my coach, mentor, friend, and personal cheerleader. She is readily available to her clients for every season they may be in their businesses.

While I may still be small, I have transformed my cleaning business from a solo cleaner to hiring employees, to tripling residential accounts, and submitting my first humungous professional commercial proposal worth 70K. Pam has taught me exactly how to implement steps of growth through systems and processes. Thank you so much, Pamela Washington."

Pam will take your marketing skills from a zero to a hero in her 8 week Marketing Training!

“Pam Washington is one of the brightest minds in the field of Janitorial Services and will take your marketing skills from a zero to a hero in her 8 week Marketing Training. I have been able to re-energize my marketing approach and my business is better for it. Thanks again Pam for giving my business the needed boost to the top. See you there soon."

Carl Fuller - President, Fuller Cleaning Services
Michael Frenda Founder, Thunderbird Maintenance Corporation

I wish all our competitors knew about Pam, the competition would be fierce, but we'd be playing on a much higher ground.

“Pamela's unique approach to our business should inspire every person who owns a cleaning company to see themselves as professionals who deserve success, who deserve to own and run a business that provides time and money freedom, and who, by "thinking big", can provide service to clients who recognize value and pay accordingly and at the same time know the joy of providing opportunities for employment in their community.

Pamela's gift is sharing her proven and successful ideas, strategies, and tactics, and to inspire and encourage cleaning business owners to extraordinary performance. In fact, it sounds odd, but I wish all our competitors knew about Pam, the competition would be fierce, but we'd be playing on a much higher ground."

I couldn't have done it without my wonderful coach, Pamela Washington.

“I would like to share about my BIG success today! I got a contract with the 11,000 sq. ft. Pharmaceutical company! This is such a huge milestone for my company and I couldn't have done it without my wonderful coach, Pamela Washington." 

Mercedes Cullinan Owner, Cleanhouse California

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Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

I just started my business, and I have no (or very few customers). Will the KITS work for me?

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