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MAXIMUM Marketing Kit


Perfectly targeted & highly qualified prospects contact you, asking how they can work with you! Great for residential AND commercial cleaners, - works for businesses old & new.

Successful Sales Kit


Quickly yet graciously, screen inbound contacts in a way that enables you to 'profit from every prospect' while protecting your time & confidence. Designed for both commercial & residential businesses.

Cleaning DREAM TEAM Kit

Human Resources

Build a TEAM of workers (employees or contractors) that share your company values, always do a great job, and stay with your company as long as you like. Recruit, screen, interview, test, score, and hire for residential or commercial cleaning owners

AWESOME Operations Kit

Customer Satisfaction

Create long-term clients ('raving fans') that are happy and loyal, pay your rates without complaint, give you great reviews, & consistently send you quality referrals.Commercial, or residential- client RETENTION is key. 

The Pre-Proposal & Site Visit Guide

Commercial Cleaning

Commercial cleaning prospects contact you asking how they can work with you. NOW what? Pre-screen, set up and conduct the site visit (what to take, say, ask and see), then make sure your prospect is pre-disposed to buy for you BEFORE you even prepare your quote.

The Ultimate Commercial Cleaning Proposal Template

Commercial Cleaning

You've laid all the groundwork, now all you need to do is to deliver that "killer" proposal to seal the deal. Scope of work, pricing & specifications, contract sample, cover letter, & MUCH more.

Construction Cleaning Mastery Kit

Post-Construction Cleaning

Get everything you need to start bidding, winning and performing in the super lucrative area of post-construction cleaning

3 Private Coaching Calls Bundle

Private Coaching

Get 3 private (one-on-one) calls with me where I will analyze your individual business situation, give you customized solutions for your most important “next steps” and hold you accountable during next 30 days (ensuring you get fast results)

Employee Handbook

Human Resources

On-boarding and Orientation, Policies & Procedures, Job Descriptions, Performance Reviews, Employee Commendations, Disciplinary Actions, & Exit Interviews

The VALUE Proposal Kit


If you keep NOT getting business because prospects say your "price is too high" there's an app for that!

How to Perform Residential Cleaning

System And Process

Teach Your Residential Cleaners EXACTLY How To Clean. Residential Cleaners (Video) Training Series - Track progress, quizzes, and reporting