Want to Grow Your Cleaning Business
Without Working 24/7?


Overwhelmed because you are "doing it all" - &
not sure what to focus on first..... More Clients, or Better Workers?

Feel like you are "Stuck" in the same place
with no Real Forward Progress?

You want to do a Better Job at Marketing,
just not sure how to be most Effective on a Small Budget.

You KNOW it doesn't make financial sense for you to be cleaning when you can pay workers ($10-18 an hr.) to clean. However, you just can't seem to get everything running so you can stay out of the field.

You should have your focus on growing your business through marketing automation and systems development- but these things keep getting pushed back and your profitablity is suffering.

Which means, you're STILL not bringing in the money (or enjoying the lifestyle) you deserve!!!!

It Can be Different...

Imagine Your Life...

  • is filled with abundance where you make decisions and have people to implement everything for you
  • with more time for travel, family, friends, hobbies,  and YOU?
  • when you enjoy the feelings of success and accomplishment that come with owning a well-known & highly respected local (regional, or national) business
  • now that you are able to have a BIG impact on the charities, issues, and causes you're most passionate about                                                                                                  

THAT's the "lifestyle business" you deserve to have!

Imagine how it would feel to STOP:

  • Being a worker, struggling to make ends meet, not being able to reach your goals
  • Stressing about your health and family because you are always at work

And instead...

  • Your company is set on auto-pilot, so it runs itself
  • Have steady revenue growth every year
  • Your services are sought after because you have positioned yourself as the industry leader in your target market


Private MasterMind
Group Program

A Private MasterMind Group
where Cleaning Business Owners - + Pam Washington work on the skills needed to
Grow your Business, Manage it Effectively, and Increase Your Profits so you can.....
 Enjoy being a  Business Owner again.

We Will Discuss........

✓ How to Automate your marketing and sales activities

✓ How to Focus on effective recruiting, hiring, and training

✓ How to Create lasting client relationships 

✓ How to Gain control of the accounting and purchasing functions

About the Author

Pam Washington

Founded her award winning cleaning service company (A1 Janitorial) in Las Vegas, NV in 1993. Over the last 24 years she's built a well- known and highly respected company, served 1000's of clients & earned millions of dollars in commercial and residential cleaning revenues while pursuing her passion for learning, sharing and travel.

She founded Build My Cleaning Business in 2011 and has coached hundreds of cleaning business owners to faster success over the last 5 years.

"The road to success begins at the intersection of knowledge and implementation. Coaching is the fastest vehicle on that road."

What People are Saying...

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Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Does, the course start or end at a certain time?

How much time do I need to devote to the group each day?

I just started my business, and I have no (or very few customers). Will this program work for me?

I don't have time to take a course. I need one-on-one help, and I need it now! How can I get that?

My business is established - (over $100K in annual revenues). Is this course too "basic" for me?

I don't use employees, my workers are Independent Contractors (ICs). Can I still benefit from The SA FB MM Group?

What is the "Facebook MasterMind" Group, and why do I need that?

How is your mastermind group different from all the (free) FaceBook groups that are available to me?

I'm only interested in residential cleaning. Can you help me grow my business?

I want to expand into commercial cleaning. Can you help with that? How about construction clean - up?

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