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How to FINALLY Build A Well Paying,
"Lifestyle" Cleaning Business - Without
Working A Crazy Amount of Hours
Even If  
You've Tried A Hundred  
Different Things
(or, you just got 


Are you exhausted and overwhelmed from "doing it all", but just not sure
which problem (more clients, or better workers) to tackle first?

Have you been "stuck" at the same place in your business for some time,
and are finally ready to jump start your forward progress?

Do you need to do a better  job with your marketing,
but don't know how to manage/prioritize on a small budget?

Are you SICK AND TIRED - of being sick and tired?

Either you started your company recently, or perhaps you've been at this awhile- but either way you never planned on staying "in the field" (cleaning) for as long as you have.

On one level, you KNOW it doesn't make economic sense for you to be doing the same work you're paying workers ($10-18 an hr.) to do, but you just can't seem to get things set up in a way that allows you to stay permanently out of the field.

So, the TRULY important work (like business development, marketing, sales, recruiting, hiring, training, managing, accounting, invoicing and quality control are all left sorely lacking.

And yet, even with the crazy hours and all the stress, you're STILL not making the money you deserve, or really enjoying the business owner lifestyle

AND, you're not getting any younger. What about vacations, savings and retirement? When are those things coming.....?

Has the thought of going back to "getting a job" crossed your mind? Do you sometimes consider just throwing in the towel?

Are you possibly worse off financially than when you first started your business and wondering if there's some CORE ingredient or strategy, that you missed somewhere along the way?

But it doesn't have to be that way...

Imagine if you were living this life...

...of crazy abundance where you have a personal assistant/chef to help with groceries, errands, and housework.

You take 2-3 vacations each year that allow you to visit exotic locations,  re-connect with family in other places, and take your kids and grandkids on educational trips.

Buy that new (or dream) car you've wanted. Remodel, re-furnish or trade up to a dream house, have free time for your family, hobbies and being involved in community projects and causes.

What about time for exercise, sports and outdoor activities, time for personal and spiritual growth and the things that REALLY matter to you in life? Have you wanted to take a course, work in your garden, learn to play an instrument?

THAT's the "lifestyle business" you deserve to have!

Imagine how it would feel to STOP:

  • Working so hard (for way too little money)
  • Stressing about staffing and quality control issues
  • Fretting over your physical and financial condition

And instead, you...

  • Live a dream lifestyle where your (high 6 or 7 figure) company runs itself - on auto-pilot
  • Have the stress-free financial security , nest egg, and retirement you deserve
  • Are able to be a 'force for good' in your community and in the world  - because you have the financial means to REALLY make a difference!
  • Feel proud of the accomplishments you're achieved in your business and your life
  • Can be a recognized as business leader, of a highly respected company – one that provides good jobs, enhances the skills, and the lives of your employees and their families

Let me introduce the...

A 12 module business course specifically designed by and for cleaning business owners to teach you the skills you need to grow more quickly, manage more effectively, improve your operating margins, & actually enjoy being a cleaning business owner again.

Automate marketing and sales activities, so they create a predictable and consistent flow of new prospects and clients - that grow your business and your income.

Focus on effective recruiting, hiring, and training that enables you to build a DREAM TEAM to help you run and manage your business profitably.

✓ Create lasting client relationships through well-structured quality control and customer service programs, that foster client retention, loyalty and referrals.

✓ Gain control of the accounting and purchasing functions within your company so financial reports drive smart business decisions and you’re easily and predictably, able to increase revenue and profit streams.

✓ Employ systems in every area of your business so you have more free time, run your business (instead of it running you) and get back to what’s most important in your life. 

Success Academy is an
online course divided into
12 powerful modules...

Module 1 

Set your goal

Without a clear destination, any road looks like the right one. Define your core goals and the path to success.

Module 2 

Easily attract  the "right" clients and workers

Weaving your “BIG WHY”  into marketing & human resources, means your company messages are compelling, effective, and authentic.

Module 3 

Start building your cleaning DREAM TEAM

Make sure you meet regulatory requirements and create structured systems for effective recruiting, screening, interviewing, testing and hiring - of employees or contractors.

Module 4 

Get more clients

Use the top 15 marketing techniques to successfully get your business in front of large numbers of your ideal prospects. Learn when, and how to ask existing clients for referrals for maximum success.

Module 5 

Overcome Obstacles

Continue the personal development necessary for business success. Build habits that serve you, and utilize “The Three C’s” in way that maximizes value in your company.

Module 6 

Effective Hiring/Contracting

Job descriptions, employee handbook and orientation practices. Get the on-boarding process done right so you set your new-hires (or contractors) up for success and longevity with your company. Systematize for consistent results, and later delegation. 

Module 7

Pre-dispose prospects to buy from you

Improve attraction methods to ensure you're drawing the right crowd. Quickly pre-screen so that you can still profit from every prospect who contacts you, while learning exactly what it takes to close each client. Master the “discovery” conversation, and protect your time and confidence by increasing the percentage of deals you close.

Module 8 

Train & Manage For Success

Develop a repeatable process that ensures the quality and consistency of all of your staff. Set and manage expectations & effectively use incentives/discipline, in a way that re-enforces your company’s values, and strengthens your team.

Module 9

Quotes & Proposals That WIN New Clients

Here’s where you deliver residential & large commercial cleaning contracts. You’ll have all the components, templates, agreements and contracts you need - so you can edit and customize, and STOP competing on price alone. 

Module 10

Quality Control That Works

Now that you’ve closed these new clients, you want to make sure you fulfill the promise you made during the selling process. Use periodic inspections & provide seamless service - through employee transitions,  and changing work specs.

Module 11

WOW your Customers!

Turn your clients into “raving fans' that give you great testimonials, references, letters of recommendation, and referrals. Build the loyalty that keeps them with your company for decades. 

Module 12 

Master Accounting
& Financial Reports

Understand the basic ins and outs of your financial reports and how your decisions affect the bottom line. Run your business like a pro from a position of strength, knowledge and understanding. Make decisions based on sound accounting, and use this information to plan for your future, the sale of your business, whatever your eventual exit strategy.

Want to know more?
Take a sneak peek directly into the
Success Academy Dashboard

Not only that you'll get the full access to 12 amazing modules, but you are getting access to my Private Resource Library as well...  

  • Prospective Client Screening Script (residential & commercial)
  • "Scope of work" template for commercial proposals
  • Commercial Cleaning Contract sample
  • "Scope of work" template for residential service
  • Service Agreement for residential clients
  • Initial Screening script (for interviewing employees, or contractors)
  • Employment Application template
  • Starter Kit for creating an employee handbook
  • Checklist of what to take with you,  on a commercial site-visit
  • Checklist of what  to ask, see, & cover during a (commercial) walkthrough
  • Starter Kit for employee handbook

And that's just small part of my Private Resource Library...

About the Author

Pam Washington

Founded her award winning cleaning service company (A1 Janitorial) in Las Vegas, NV in 1993. Over the last 23 years she's built a well- known and highly respected company, served 1000s of clients & earned millions of dollars in commercial and residential cleaning revenues while pursuing her passion for learning, sharing and travel.

She founded Build My Cleaning Business in 2011 and has coached hundreds of cleaning business owners to faster success over the last 5 years.

"The road to success begins at the intersection of knowledge and implementation. Coaching is the fastest vehicle on that road."

What People are Saying...

Tanisha Pridgen - President TCE Cleaning

Mitchell Kwan - CB Owner

Karen Kautz Owner,  Klean Sweep

I have transformed my cleaning business from being a solo cleaner - to hiring employees, to tripling residential accounts, and submitting (and winning) my first humungous professional commercial proposal worth 70K- all within 8 months!

"Are you struggling in an area of your business? Not sure where to turn or who to trust? I highly recommend you visiting with Pamela Washington with Build My Cleaning Business, and A1 Janitorial. Last year I met Pam as a struggling small business owner like many, wondering how to grow personally and professionally in the cleaning industry.

Through Pam’s remarkable guidance, wealth of knowledge, Build My Cleaning Business Blueprints, Cleaning Business Success Academy, Live Podcast, and Personal Coaching… Pam has been there every single step of the way as my coach, mentor, friend, and personal cheerleader. She is readily available to her clients for every season they may be in their businesses.

While I may still be small, I have transformed my cleaning business from a solo cleaner to hiring employees, to tripling residential accounts, and submitting my first humungous professional commercial proposal worth 70K. Pam has taught me exactly how to implement steps of growth through systems and processes. Thank you so much, Pamela Washington."

Pam will take your marketing skills from a zero to a hero in her 8 week Marketing Training!

“Pam Washington is one of the brightest minds in the field of Janitorial Services and will take your marketing skills from a zero to a hero in her 8 week Marketing Training. I have been able to re-energize my marketing approach and my business is better for it. Thanks again Pam for giving my business the needed boost to the top. See you there soon."

Carl Fuller - President, Fuller Cleaning Services
Michael Frenda Founder, Thunderbird Maintenance Corporation

I wish all our competitors knew about Pam, the competition would be fierce, but we'd be playing on a much higher ground.

“Pamela's unique approach to our business should inspire every person who owns a cleaning company to see themselves as professionals who deserve success, who deserve to own and run a business that provides time and money freedom, and who, by "thinking big", can provide service to clients who recognize value and pay accordingly and at the same time know the joy of providing opportunities for employment in their community.

Pamela's gift is sharing her proven and successful ideas, strategies, and tactics, and to inspire and encourage cleaning business owners to extraordinary performance. In fact, it sounds odd, but I wish all our competitors knew about Pam, the competition would be fierce, but we'd be playing on a much higher ground."

I couldn't have done it without my wonderful coach, Pamela Washington.

“I would like to share about my BIG success today! I got a contract with the 11,000 sq. ft. Pharmaceutical company! This is such a huge milestone for my company and I couldn't have done it without my wonderful coach, Pamela Washington." 

Mercedes Cullinan Owner, Cleanhouse California

Is This Course Right for You?

  The Academy isn't a good fit for everyone. Check to see if it's right for you.........


This course is for you if you are: 

  • Ambitious, driven, & highly motivated
  • Understand that YOU create your own economy - you are in charge of your own destiny
  • Accountable 
  • Open to trying new ways of doing things
  • Willing to step out of your comfort zone
  • Interested in providing the HIGHEST quality service and customer experience
  • In for the long term- not looking to make a 'quick buck'


This course is not for you if you: 

  • Get easily discouraged
  • Have a negative attitude or you are focused on 'doom and gloom'
  • Blame others, find excuses rather than opportunities, or are always ready to find fault
  • Would take advantage of employees, contractors, clients, or circumstances, or use “situational” ethics
  • Believe that 'getting to the goal as quickly as possible' should be the number 1 priority
  • Already know everything

These bonuses are ONLY available for the next couple of days...

3 Marketing Audio Trainings

One strategy for when you have a little time, but not much money. Another strategy for when you have a little money, but not much time. Start using these on Day One to "jump start" your growth


7 Ways to Increase Your Income Without Working Any More Hours

A Quick Sheet resource on strategies you may not have considered. Step-by-step instructions to give your business an easy boost without spending any more time or money. How fun is that?!

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  • 1 "Hot Seat" Call every month
  • Special Orientation “ Kick-Off” Call with Q & A Session
  • Starter “Hot Seat” Call
  • 2 Marketing Audio Trainings
  • “7 Ways To Increase Your Income Without Working Any Extra Hours” - PDF Quick-Sheet

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  • Pam's Private Resource Library
  • Access to Private Mastermind Group
  • 1 Group Coaching Call Every Month
  • 1 "Hot Seat" Call every month
  • Special Orientation “ Kick-Off” Call with Q & A Session
  • Starter “Hot Seat” Call
  • 2 Marketing Audio Trainings
  • “7 Ways To Increase Your Income Without Working Any Extra Hours” - PDF Quick-Sheet

Monthly Payment

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Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Does, the course start or end at a certain time?

How much time do I need to devote to the course each day?

I just started my business, and I have no (or very few customers). Will this program work for me?

I don't have time to take a course. I need one-on-one help, and I need it now! How can I get that?

I'm not sure I need all the modules. I just have one or two areas that aren't working well in my business. What should I do?

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