Cleaning business owners say they want to get new cleaning accounts. Why is that?

Maybe you have one or more “gorilla” clients that make up a large percentage of your customer base and you worry about being too dependent upon them. This is a reasonable concern and one we’ll address in a moment.

The other concern you may want to consider along this same line is having too many clients in the same industry. This practice, known as vertical marketing, may be initially appealing because it enables you to specialize in a niche market and word or mouth referrals are easy to come by in a market like this.

Here’s the problem though – when your client base is heavily concentrated in one market (say real estate, or construction) and the bottom falls out of that market, you’ll wish you had a more diversified clientele to lessen the severity of the downturn.

In the case of the Great Recession of 2008, it didn’t seem to matter much which industries you served, the whole economy took a big hit. But having watched the US economy over the past 25 years and having made it through recessions in the 80s, 90s and 2001, I can tell you that diversification is more beneficial than not in terms of building a strong client base.

So, if you’ve decided you want new cleaning accounts either to lessen the importance of a few big ones or as a means of diversifying your income stream, the simple answer would be to increase the marketing for your cleaning business. This is especially true if you provide commercial cleaning services, but even in residential cleaning, the key to having a large and varied client base is marketing effectively and consistently.

One of the fastest ways I’ve found to get a quick boost in clientele is from referrals and networking. Because many of these prospects are already pre-qualified, they will have a closing ratio higher than prospects gained in other ways. The key though to having a steady stream of these is still consistency. Be sure that you don’t discontinue these two marketing activities, no matter how busy you get servicing your existing clients.

The time to plant seeds is not when you need to harvest (in the Fall). The time to plant seeds is before you need the food (Winter). So, do your planting in the Spring or even the Fall before next Summer’s picnics and Fall’s harvesting to make sure you are reaping new cleaning accounts all year long.

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