“What would you attempt to do, 
if you KNEW you could not fail?”

I’m here to help you reach your goals more quickly,
while you still have fun along the way

Who is Pam Washington?

An entrepreneur for more than 30 years
Pamela Washington is the Founder, President & CEO of
A-1 Janitorial Services, Fast Friendly Spotless &
Build My Cleaning Business

Pam Washington


Born and raised in Southern California, Pam Washington earned her BA from Saint Mary’s College in Moraga, CA. After graduation, Pam moved to Austin, TX where she worked in banking operations and sales & marketing until returning to Pasadena in 1984. She continued in the financial services industry, working in Beverly Hills as an Account Executive for Dean Witter Reynolds (now Morgan Stanley).

In 1989, Washington founded her first business (a catering & event planning business) in Los Angeles, CA. After moving to Las Vegas in 1993, Washington created A-1 Janitorial Services and managed every aspect of the business as a solopreneuer. She grew the company and took on additional staff and today, A-1 employs 58 people, occupies a large office and warehouse complex in south western Las Vegas, has 2 company vehicles, and possesses an enviable array of the latest professional cleaning equipment, tools, and technology.

Over the last 30 years Ms. Washington has founded​, and/or purchased more than a half dozen companies and continues to grow her knowledge base in the areas of Marketing, Sales, HR, Operations, Finance, and Organizational Structure.


How I Started My First Business?

A-1 Janitorial has serviced some of the largest, recognizable, and most respected names in both the public and private sector, including some of Las Vegas’s biggest names: Bellagio, MGM Grand, Ceasars’s Entertainment, Clark County Library District, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, Las Vegas Housing Authority, State of Nevada, and Nellis Air Force Base.

Its client list represents companies in retail, banking, technology, and hospitality sectors, as well as many Fortune 100 firms.

How I Started My Second Business?

Despite being located in one of the hardest hit metro areas in the country during the ‘Great Recession of 2008’  and in a still struggling economy, A-1 Janitorial continues to thrive, and recently expanded into residential cleaning with Fast Friendly Spotless (maid service).

The success of A-1 Janitorial Services inspired Pam Washington to create a new enterprise in 2011 – Build My Cleaning Business – which provides private & group coaching +  DIY home study systems. and online tools, for the owners of new and existing cleaning service businesses (click here to check out some of our best selling courses and products).

A huge believer in education, giving back, paying it forward, and the “connectivity” of all mankind, Washington is an avid pursuer of personal exploration, growth & happiness, and following one’s dreams. She enjoys nature, hiking, camping and the environment. Her free time is spent reading, traveling, fishing, skiing, scuba diving, gardening, cooking, and dining out.


Additional Awards and Press

Named “Minority Business Enterprise of the Year” by the Nevada Minority Business Council (NMBC).

Nominated “Supplier of the Year” by National Association of Purchasing Managers (NAPM) 

  • eatured in the book “Be Happy At Work” by Joanne Gordon
  •  Featured in Las Vegas Review Journal (daily newspaper )
  •  Featured on Fox News segment of “Small Business Wednesdays”
  •  Microsoft “Small Business Success”

Nominated as “Entrepreneur of the Year” by the Latin Chamber of Commerce, Las Vegas

Nominated as one of Inc. Magazines “Inc. 5000” for the fastest growing companies in America

Finalist in Service Contractors Association ” Hall of Fame- Mentor Awards”

  • Featured in the book “Be Happy At Work” by Joanne Gordon
  •  Featured in “In Business Las Vegas” Magazine


Here’s my goal for every cleaning business owner I work with.  I want you to bring home a 6 figure (or multiple 6 figure) paycheck, while working LESS than 40 hours per week on your cleaning service business. But beyond that, I want  you to spend your time on the things most important to you and that allow you to have  the BIGGEST lasting impact – on your families, local, and global communities. How much good could YOU do in the world?

What BUILD MY CLEANING BUSINESS Customers Are Saying……

Pam will take your marketing skills from a zero to a hero in her 8 week Marketing Training!

Pam Washington is one of the brightest minds in the field of Janitorial Services and will take your marketing skills from a zero to a hero in her 8 week Marketing Training. I have been able to re-energize my marketing approach and my business is better for it. Thanks again Pam for giving my business the needed boost to the top. See you there soon.

Carl Fuller

President, Fuller Cleaning Services

I have transformed my cleaning business from being a solo cleaner – to hiring employees, to tripling residential accounts, and submitting (and winning) my first humungous professional commercial proposal worth 70K- all within 8 months!

Are you struggling in an area of your business? Not sure where to turn or who to trust? I highly recommend you visiting with Pamela Washington with Build My Cleaning Business. Last year I met Pam as a struggling small business owner like many, wondering how to grow personally and professionally in the cleaning industry. 

Through Pam’s remarkable guidance, wealth of knowledge, Build My Cleaning Business Blueprints, Cleaning Business Success Academy, Live Podcast, and Personal Coaching… Pam has been there every single step of the way as my coach, mentor, friend, and personal cheerleader. She is readily available to her clients for every season they may be in their businesses. 

While I may still be small, I have transformed my cleaning business from a solo cleaner to hiring employees, to tripling residential accounts, and submitting my first humungous professional commercial proposal worth 70K. Pam has taught me exactly how to implement steps of growth through systems and processes. Thank you so much, Pamela Washington.

Karen Kautz

Owner, Klean Sweep

I couldn’t have done it without my wonderful coach, Pamela Washington. 

I would like to share about my BIG success today! I got a contract with the 11,000 sq. ft. Pharmaceutical company! This is such a huge milestone for my company and I couldn’t have done it without my wonderful coach, Pamela Washington.

Mercedes Cullinan

Owner, Cleanhouse California

I wish all our competitors knew about Pam, the competition would be fierce, but we’d be playing on a much higher ground.

“Pamela’s unique approach to our business should inspire every person who owns a cleaning company to see themselves as professionals who deserve success, who deserve to own and run a business that provides time and money freedom, and who, by “thinking big”, can provide service to clients who recognize value and pay accordingly and at the same time know the joy of providing opportunities for employment in their community. 

Pamela’s gift is sharing her proven and successful ideas, strategies, and tactics, and to inspire and encourage cleaning business owners to extraordinary performance. In fact, it sounds odd, but I wish all our competitors knew about Pam, the competition would be fierce, but we’d be playing on a much higher ground.”


Michael Frenda

Founder, Thunderbird Maintenance Corporation

Pam has been wonderful for me and my business.  Her systems and techniques provided me with so many resources to help me grow my business. The modules in the Business Success Academy cover everything from A to Z including mindset.  When I came to the academy I was struggling with where and how do I market my business, how can I attract more clients, and how can I close more sales.

Since going through the program I have increased my clients both residential and commercial, I’ve implemented various marketing strategies, I’ve created systems and standard operations that I am using in my business. Before doing this course I was afraid to run my business. I was scared to make a move because I felt like I was making the wrong moves over and over again. Pam’s program changed how I operated in my business.  Her experience and guidance allowed me to make informed decisions that are best for my business. I would recommend this course to anybody who is not sure how to grow, and what move they should make next!

Tanisha Prigden


Love all the webinar’s!!  Very informative and appreciate the way the information is given.  I thank you for all the hard work that goes into the preparation and delivery of the information presented.

Janice Kober

Luxury Home Care

You know your STUFF!!! I was scared to death about the amount of time this job would take and the price I charged. The 2 ladies were in an out in less than 2 hours!!!! God has blessed me to cross paths with you.

Thank you Pam!!!!

La Shanda Brown

When I started 4 years ago, I was doing an okay job of cobbling together the information I had learned from podcasts, books, and online forums. But about two months ago, I was finally tired of being a one woman operation and I wanted to get out of the field and to grow  but had no idea of how to even start that process.

I had the pleasure of meeting Pam in one of those forums, but it was when I finally made the decision that I was tired of working a job and really wanted to be a business owner that I reached out to her and she helped me to see that I could help so many more people by hiring employees who shared my vision to help others by freeing up their precious time and making their homes smell like a spa in the process.

In the first four weeks since working through the first two modules of Buildmycleaningbusiness.net, I have increased my employees from 0 to 4 people, I have increased my clientele 40% and my revenue has doubled!

Lynn Teasley

The academy is a plug and chug blueprint + support.  There is no better thing I’ve spent my money on to grow the business.  I wouldn’t say it’s one thing.  It’s just that the hardest part for me is it resolves all the guesswork I tend to get swamped in.  In the same way an architect helps a builder build, your course lets me be the builder of my business and you provide the blueprint and directions.  I don’t want to be an architect, so to speak, so for me it’s a perfect fit.

Brandi Winch

Pam Washington delivers coaching and training programs for cleaning business owners. Her trainings cover the topics that all cleaning business owners must know, in order to run and grow their businesses successfully. You don’t need to learn the hard and slow way called: The School of Hard Knocks. Her training and coaching programs will instruct you, and propel you forward when you struggle or feel stuck. In this highly competitive industry, you must stay on top of the wave. I am so glad that I took her trainings, and that I have her materials to refer to, as I continue to grow my company.

Thank you Pam!


President, Classactpersonalservices