To ensure your company’s success, you must understand that consistent and varied marketing of your cleaning business is key to providing a steady stream of income. Even those companies who provide great pricing and stellar service will lose accounts from time to time, sometimes through no fault of their own.

Clients move, go out of business, change hands, get new facility managers… the reasons why you may lose a good account are endless. So, the time to start marketing is not when you need new accounts. The time to start marketing is now and marketing should be something that you do on a continual basis to provide you with the steady supply of prospects and new accounts you’ll need to maintain your growth and reach your income goals. Get help building or growing your cleaning business.

For many cleaning companies, direct mail marketing is one component of the “marketing pie” they’ve created for their business. While the best direct mail marketing campaigns involve multiple mailings and may include follow up via email and or phone calls, the central component is the actual mailing piece. If that’s not done well, the whole campaign may be doomed.

With that in mind, here are the 4 things you must avoid:

1. Forgetting the call to action.

Sometimes we get so caught up in telling all about how great our service is, what we do, how we do it, and why that’s so great that we fail to give a basic instruction: “Call today,” “Get a Quote,” “Request an Appointment,” “Visit our Site,” “Order your Free Report,” etc. You need to select one (only one) of these from your marketing piece and repeat it at least twice.

2. Be sure to address a “result” or “solution.”

People don’t buy processes; they buy solutions to whatever their problems are right now. Make sure you’re clear on not only who your ideal client is, but also what they would pay/do anything to fix, solve or avoid. If your marketing piece doesn’t show them how working with you will get them the results they need, they won’t be motivated to contact you, and isn’t that the whole point?

3. Typos and grammatical errors.

OK, so I admit this is a personal pet peeve of mine but here’s the deal: If you’re trying to convince someone that you will be focused on their needs and do a great job of cleaning their office or home, you need to demonstrate your attention to detail. Nothing screams “amateur!” like letters, proposals or marketing materials that have typos, grammatical and/or punctuation errors. You cannot proof-read your own work (you’ve read it too many times to be objective) so please make sure that after you use spell check (this is a must) and get someone else to re-read your copy, just to be sure it’s correct.

4. Too much information – KISS “Keep It Simple Sweetheart”

Everyone knows this acronym for a reason, because it’s good! Don’t try to baffle with BS. Just give them the information in a straight-forward easy to understand format. Make sure to leave plenty of “white space” on the mailer. It doesn’t actually need to be white, but there needs to be at least 30% unused space because it’s restful to the eye. Also, try using a graphic (in place of more words) to get across an action, thought or image you want to convey. Remember that other famous saying…”A picture is worth 1000 words”? It’s true too! Use the same image consistently (help to build your brand)

These key points should give you a great start on designing and implementing a great direct mail marketing campaign for your cleaning business. Remember, this is just one part of your marketing plan. You should also be using social media, networking, introduction letters, strategic alliances and joint ventures, referrals, speaking engagements, etc. for the best marketing results.

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