If you’re like me, you want to constantly improve your cleaning service business. Yes, you want to get new cleaning accounts, but you’re also focused to provide outstanding customer service and quality control for your existing clients, create and implement an effective marketing plan and make sure your team of cleaning professionals is performing at optimum levels.

Whew! It’s a lot to keep track of. And, while some organizational experts recommend that you only handle a piece of paper or task one time (either do, delegate or discard it), sometimes you have to put an item in the “pending” basket.

Sometimes I place an item in the “pending” basket because I am waiting for additional documentation or follow up from someone else before I can mark that item as done. Sometimes I put tickets for upcoming events, invitations I’ve already accepted or details I’ll need for future reference in there too.

The problem arises when the pending basket begins to be so crowded, you can’t really locate what you’re looking for or it’s threatening to overflow. In the mad scramble this past Friday to locate my tickets to the Beyoncé concert, that’s exactly what happened. And although I did eventually locate what I was looking for, it occurred to me that if I’d had a client holding on the phone to review details of a pending proposal or needed to quickly access some other important document, there could have been a serious delay.

So, this Monday morning when I got back into my office I decided to arrive 20 minutes early and use that time to clean out that pending file. Since yesterday was July 1st and we are exactly half-way through the calendar year, I want to encourage you to take a few moments this week to do the same thing.

Once I started going through the basket, I discovered that many things had been resolved and could now be moved to a “done” folder or discarded altogether. What a great feeling that was, to have such a nice clean desk again!

And I had a pleasant feeling of accomplishment 20 minutes into the start of my day, so it set me on a path of getting lots of things done today and this week. Here’s something you can quickly check off of your “to do” list and I promise it will help you with the organizational and time management goals so important to a smooth running cleaning service business.

Do it today!

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