Cleaning businesses owners who want to get new cleaning accounts or improve their cleaning service businesses have a thousand things requiring their attention and probably feel pulled in many different directions.

When you get caught up in the hustle and bustle or everyday business ownership in America (ok, life in America), try the new website and smart phone app called

Once there you’ll have a choice of two, four, ten or twenty minute guided meditations that will help you to slow down both your mind and your heart rate. It’s a great and easy way to give yourself a few minutes to get away from it all whenever you need it and where ever you are. The sounds of soothing water, birds and nature sounds will help calm you.

It’s important to hit the reset button from time to time during our stress filled lives and this is a great way to restore your peace of mind. You’ll be a better manager, vendor, and family member for taking this time to re-center yourself at least once a day. Enjoy!

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