If you’re focused on getting your cleaning company new customers one of the best ways to leverage your marketing efforts is with your website. Fresh, original, relevant (keyword rich) content is a way to get your cleaning company new customers even while you’re sleeping. The good thing about a well-designed website is that it works 24/7 attracting prospects. And while the right kind of content is a free way to attract ideal new customers, you’ll need to spend time doing it the right way. The bottom line is that there’s always a “cost” to getting new customers. The cost is sometimes money, other times its time. In the case of content, what you don’t spend in money you will spend in time. So here’s how it works:

Content on your cleaning company’s website is your opportunity to establish yourself as an expert! A few well written blog posts, case studies, or even first person success stories about what you do and how you do it will not only make a favorable impression on your readers, it also makes you rank higher in search engines. This will help you get (and stay) on that all important first page of Google or other search engine. And let’s face it, if you’re not on the first page you may as well not be there at all. Most consumers don’t have the time or patience to search through 4 or 5 pages of search engine results.

In the second sentence of this article I said that what you wanted was “ fresh, original, relevant (keyword rich) content.” Let’s examine each of these words so you make sure your website writing accomplishes what you need it to do which is bring your cleaning business new clients.

Fresh – Google loves content, but it particularly loves fresh content. In this fast paced information age in which we are now living, 24 hour cable stations brings us news on a constant basis and with the globalization of the world, even when the western world is sleeping-innovation, discoveries and growth are taking place in other parts of the world. Google is constantly crawling the internet to see what’s new. And, if it finds that your site is dynamic meaning the content changes frequently, that rates higher on Google’s list of desirable qualities than a website that’s static, meaning you posted content 6 months ago and it hasn’t changed since then.

Creating and posting fresh content has to be balanced carefully with the other demands on your time, so be realistic about how much fresh content you can realistically provide on your site. My web adviser has recommended I post twice each week and because I have a very user friendly Word Press site, I can create new content in batches, then upload and schedule them (to publish in advance) a month or more at a time. If getting your cleaning company new customers is your goal, fresh content is a must do for your website.

Original – Posting content that you’ve created yourself will rank you higher in search engines than posting content that someone else wrote and you’ve copied or referenced. It is OK to copy other postings, just be sure you get the author’s permission and site the appropriate attributions and credits to the author and company to avoid any copyright issues. That being said, you’re goal is to show people what you know, so there’s not much advantage to re-posting content created by others. What you can do to get your cleaning company new customers though is use the material of others to inspire you to address the same topic with a particular slant that makes it relevant to your industry, your cleaning company customers, or target market. So for example, if you see an article about an increase in cases of whooping cough, it’s perfectly OK to address that from the standpoint of the cleaning industry and discuss how this might affect your customers, and what recommendations you (as the expert) can make from the standpoint of a cleaning company owner.

Relevant – This was the area I had the most trouble getting the hang of, because I read a lot and I wanted to talk about everything in my blog postings. But, what I’ve learned is that you need to determine what your keywords are and make sure they are repeated anywhere from 3-6 times in your postings depending on the length of the article.

So, for example: In my cleaning service company in Las Vegas I’ve identified that my keywords are Las Vegas janitorial service. So my job then is to make sure that janitorial service shows up at least 3 times (in a natural way) in my blog posts and I try to get Las Vegas or Vegas in at least 2 times as well. Because I only work in Las Vegas, I don’t care about coming up as the number one Google ranking for janitorial service for people searching in Cleveland. That doesn’t help me at all. Once I got clear on that, I found that there wasn’t any way I could talk about healthy eating, interesting travel destinations or great local hiking trails (all things of great interest to me personally) in my blog posts. Talking about traveling will not provide a way for me to get “janitorial service” into my blog posts, so I can’t talk about it – pretty simple.

The other thing about making your content relevant and keyword rich is that is needs to be a natural function of the subject matter. You can’t just go in and stuff the keywords in, in some random way. Google is able to see when you’ve done that. A handy tool that anyone can use is in Microsoft Word. Once you’ve written your article on the home tab use the binocular symbol (which stands for search). You can use that tool to search your finished article for your keywords and adjust the content as needed to make sure it’s keyword rich. A similar function also exists in the “edit post” section of most Word Press themes, so it makes it really easy to monitor and improve the keyword density of your blog posts, web pages and your entire website.

So, you can get your cleaning company new customers by making sure that your website contains fresh, original and relevant content. Google, and other search engines will do the rest by making your site one of the first ones to show up when people within your target market are looking for the services you provide. Unless you’re sure you have great writing skills it may be a good idea to have an administrative or virtual assistant edit your work so you’re sure it’s free of typos, grammatical errors and provides the image of professionalism you want for your cleaning company.

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