Have you ever wondered which is the BEST way to learn what you need to quickly grow and scale your cleaning service business?

Have you wondered why there are so many live events and why people attend them like crazy?

If you think that they are a waste of them (well some are), you’d surprised to find out that attending the RIGHT live event can help you grow your business faster than any other single strategy.

I’ve been running my very successful and award winning cleaning service business here in Las Vegas for almost 23 years (since 1993)

But when I first started, it was just me – with my vacuum cleaner, mop bucket and a tote to hold chemicals, in the trunk of my little Honda Accord.

It was lonely and difficult, and over the years I tried lots of different strategies to learn what I needed, to build my business and reach my goals.

I read a lot of books and I listened to a bunch of audio courses. And many of them were great.

But if I had to pick the ONE thing that gave me the biggest push in the shortest amount of time …..

And was the best overall investment of both time and money, I’d have to say (hands down) it’s been attending live events put on by people who are masters of the thing I want to learn.

I’ve spent years (and thousands of dollars) attending all the major events that I could, connecting with people, masterminding, learning…all of it. Here are some ‘best practices’ for getting the most out of any live event:

I found it a great help to read ALL of the pre-event materials in advance so I knew exactly what was going to be covered. That way I could have my questions, challenges, and expectations clearly defined in advance. AND, by showing up fully prepared for the material to be presented helped me to learn even faster .
I learned to keep an open mind about learning new material in new ways! Sometimes some of the presentation methods seemed strange and even “counter-intuitive”. I’m a creature of habit, so this was a hard one for me, but it’s increased my learning (and earning) capabilities in amazing ways.
Make sure I stay 100% focused during the training sessions (leave texting and checking email for break times only). After all, I paid (in some cases, a LOT) to get this training in person. So being fully present while in the room enabled me to get “in the zone” and really absorb the material. I’ve even changed my email and voice mail greetings to let people know I’m at a conference and can only return calls at the end of each day. Worked wonders!
I’m not naturally very sociable with people I don’t know. And crowds of people make me nervous and insecure. But, I’m pretty comfortable in one-to-one conversations, so I started striking up conversations with the person sitting next to me, standing in line at breakfast, or on the elevator. Turns out, they were just as ill at ease as I was!And in the process, I met some neat people, formed relationships with people from all over the world, made friends within my industry and was able to network in ways that really helped me grow my business.
myg02And, based on everything I’ve learned, I’d like to share that experience with you and help you like my “mentors and others…” have helped me…

Because I know how transformational a live event can be, I’ve decided offer a 2 ½ day LIVE business building workshop, “Map Your Growth” right here in Las Vegas. It’s happening July 10-13, 2016

It will be a very small group and I expect it to sell out quickly

During this live training with me you’ll learn:

What’s REALLY holding you back from succeeding in your cleaning service business (it’s not what you think it is)
What Strengths, Weaknesses, Threats and Opportunities exist within your business, and in your target market
Which are the BEST next steps for you to take advantage of right now to maximize your potential (and your profits) in the next 6 months
How to get focused and STAY focused doing the highest priority activities in your business each day
Exactly what you need to do (and the order in which to do it) to reach your goals
What ‘best practices’ you don’t currently know about Internet Marketing, Social Media, Human Resources, Leadership, Time Management, and Overcoming Obstacles, that will jump-start your progress

How would you like to sit down with me face to face and get my help for your cleaning service business?

This is the first time I’ve ever offered this kind of training and it will be limited in size.

So don’t miss out on this opportunity to meet with me “up close and in person” and get my help in building YOUR cleaning service business…..