If you’re a savvy cleaning business owner, you know you need to continuously improve your cleaning business. There’s no such thing as treading water in business. You are either getting ahead, or you’re falling behind. Don’t make the mistake of becoming so complacent with your current revenues, that you fail to work on marketing activities to get new cleaning accounts and to retain those you already have by making sure they’re always happy.

An important time in your client retention activities is when you get a “new boss” at one of your accounts. What I mean is, if the contact person your company deals with, or the department head is replaced, or anytime any of the decision makers changes in one of your accounts, you need to treat this as if it’s a brand new account and make sure you earn the business, loyalty and trust of the new person, just like you did when you first started the account. Since you’re already keeping in close contact with your clients (to improve your cleaning business’ services) you’ll know if there’s been a change in management or if the person who interfaces with the cleaning service has changed. As soon as you find out this has happened, contact the new person and introduce yourself. While you do want to give them a chance to get settled in, don’t make the mistake of thinking your position is secure, just because you’ve been there awhile.

This is actually one of the most hazardous times during the course of your account relationship because the new person may have ties with another cleaning service and be hoping to bring them in. Make sure you let the new person know you are open to any changes they may want to make. Let them know you’d like the hear their suggestions/requests – your goal is to please them and make their job easier. If you have ideas for money savings, or improved service (especially if there’s no additional costs) make sure you share this with your new contact. Let them know you provide custom customer service and you are open to any changes they’d like to see.

Offer to sit down or do a walk-through to explain the current specifications and answer their questions. Don’t assume you can stay under the radar, nor should you want to. This is your opportunity to re-secure your account and make sure you don’t get that dreaded certified letter ending your service because you neglected to stay in the loop. Hopefully you’ve been talking to the receptionist when you call or visit and you have multiple sources of contact at each of your accounts. Without being a gossip or disregarding the chain of command, make sure you know what’s going on inside your accounts and that you develop the strategic relationships that can help you make this a long term arrangement that’s a win for all involved.

Yes, it’s great to get your cleaning company new customers. Yet, it’s much more cost effective to improve your cleaning business by retaining the existing clients. Because they require smaller marketing expenditures, the return on investment (ROI) on your existing clients is one of the best ways to improve your profit margins and grow your business.

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