There’s an old saying that I love: “How do you eat an elephant”?

People ask me the equivalent of that all the time when they say: ” How have you managed to be successfully self-employed in your cleaning service business for over 20 years (without working yourself to death,- sacrificing your health, or all of your free time)?’

Hey, I know if you look at a business whose revenues are consistently at or close to $1M each year, that employs dozens of people, wins awards for service and employee programs, and has a great local reputation – you may think to yourself , “ I could never accomplish all that”.

But the fact of the matter is that you CAN accomplish all that (and more) and it doesn’t have to take you nearly as long as it took me!

Because if you break my successful company, down and examine it’s essential CORE it’s much more simple than it looks. You see, there’s actually A CORE SYSTEM that I discovered (with 4 simple elements) that contain the exact steps I used to create my “Lifestyle” Cleaning Service Business.

Now, before I discovered this system, I was working much, much harder, than I do today; I was sometimes cleaning buildings and houses, with my team (or even sometime alone!).

And when I did hire employees, I had constant difficulties! They either didn’t show up, didn’t do a good job, couldn’t get along with co-workers or clients, or had a variety of other ‘issues’ that just made my life (and running my business) miserable.

And speaking of clients, that seemed like a roller coaster ride as well. There were either tons of them (when I already had my hands full) or I’d go weeks and months at a time without any juicy new prospects to meet with.

I didn’t seem to have any control at all over when – or if- my growth would occur. So I experienced a series of ‘feast or famine’ cycles that made it impossible to plan or grow in a strategic way. It affected my ability to hire, to market, and of course the stress was giving me heartburn – and keeping me awake at night. There were many days that I questioned the sanity of the whole “self-employment thing”.

But I had already flamed out in the corporate arena. And I filed personal bankruptcy after losing my shirt in my first start up business. So there didn’t seem like a lot of other options open to me. I REALLY was at the last house on the block. I knew that I was going to have to figure out a way to make a success of my cleaning service business.

I wish I could tell you that as I lay tossing and turning in bed one night, that a lightbulb went off over my head and magic solution popped into my head. LOL Unfortunately, it wasn’t anything quite so cliché.

Instead, it was more like a series of things going wrong- one after another, that lead me sloooooooowly to the discovery (by trial and error) and I mean a LOT of errors of what things did not work. Then, every time I saw what didn’t work, I’d try something else, sometimes only slightly different to see if that might work any better.

Many times it didn’t. But occasionally it did. So I’d do that for a while, and maybe I might stumble upon another slight improvement – many times just by the sheerest accident.

And, over time- I began to put a few things that DID work together, and bit by bit, they began to fit into a process, and eventually a system. I had a few lucky breaks along the way. My sister (who has a Ph.D from Cornell) helped me with a lot of the Human Resources stuff because her training was at the best school in the country for that subject.

I studied a lot of the famous and well known sales/marketing gurus, and that helped a great deal. I had some tragedies in my family that forced me to do some personal growth and development. I’m a really demanding customer, so the quality control stuff was born out of my frustration with seeing so many companies mess that part up.

And the result of all those put together is that I created the ONE CORE SYSTEM that I’ve taught to hundreds of cleaning business owners all around the world.

So the answer to the question I posed at the beginning is………

The only way to eat an elephant is >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

And if you’d like to know how I achieved the success I have – I’ll show you my CORE SYSTEM that allows you to move towards Ultimate Cleaning Business Success – one step at a time.